Charlotte Angel Connection Episode 031: QC Fintech Class 7 Accelarator Companies Capway, Qbrics, and Qoins

Today we have the first part of a two part series with three companies from Class 7 of QC Fintech.   Sheena Allen from Capway, James Safran from Qbrics, and Christian Zimmerman and Nate Washington from Qoins joined us to discuss their startups and life inside of Class 7.

This was recorded in late September and I had a chance to talk with two of them again in early November.  These companies are developing at a rapid pace.  I’m really impressed with both the quality of the founders who are coming into Charlotte AND their development under the mentors, advisors, and staff at QC Fintech.  If you want to see the companies after they have wrapped up you can come to the Southeast Fintech Venture Conference (an all day event at Barings new headquarters in Charlotte) or just come out to listen to Class 7 at their Demo Day.  Check out last week’s podcast with Dan Roselli and Sarah Smith to learn more about the upcoming Venture Conference.

In today’s episode we explored the following questions and more.

Who they are and what they do?

What brought these companies to Charlotte and what do they expect to get out of the program?

What’s the benefit of having a co-founder?

What’s been the experience with QC Fintech?  What does the program have you doing?

What do negative comments about Bitcoin (i.e., Jamie Dimon) have on businesses working on the blockchain?

The under-banked have been under-served for a long time?  What are the challenges ahead for Capway?

What challenges are ahead for Qoins as they ramp up and deliver a great tool to help their users pay off their debt?

Part of the challenge of being a startup is the education component?  How are these companies educating their potential customers/users?

What are they getting out of the program?

Who is the best ping-pong player in the class (hint: it sounds like Christian was de-throned but thinks he can earn it back).

In the next session, we dig deeper into the companies and their development.  Hang around next week to learn more and get excited for Charlotte’s first Venture Conference and Class 7’s Demo Day.  Support our entrepreneurial ecosystem.  If nothing else, come find out what’s happening in right here in our city.  I promise you will not be disappointed.