Charlotte Angel Connection Episode 030: Dan Roselli and Sarah Smith discussing the Southeast Fintech Venture Conference


Today we welcome back Dan Roselli, Co-Founder and Managing Director of QC Fintech, and Sarah Smith, Program Manager for QC Fintech and a 2016 Venture for America Fellow.

Dan, Sarah and the rest of the team at QC Fintech are bringing Charlotte its’ first venture conference – the Southeast Fintech Venture Conference on November 20, 2017.  The event will be hosted at Barings brand new global headquarters which is right across the street from Packard Place – home of QC Fintech.

Our conversation covers a wide array of topics mainly centered on what is the Southeast Fintech Venture Conference and how it can and will impact Charlotte’s startup ecosystem moving forward.  As such we cover the following and more:

  • Why do a Fintech Venture Conference in the first place?
  • What’s it been like for the QC Fintech accelerator to expand from 1 class to 2 classes this year?
  • What has it taken to develop and host a Fintech Venture Conference in Charlotte?
  • What is the next mountain to climb for Dan, Sarah and the rest of QC Fintech?
    1. Speaking of mountains, listen to the 2011 launch of Packard Place and how it jumpstarted Charlotte’s startup scene.
  • Is there a missing component in the Charlotte startup scene right now?
  • How important has it been to have Barings be the sponsor of the Southeast Fintech Venture Conference?
  • Is QC Fintech and the Southeast Fintech Venture Conference an economic development recruitment tool for Charlotte?
  • How can Charlotte compete against London and New York as a Fintech hub?

Next week, we have the first part of a two part interview with the founders of Qbrics, Qoins, and Capway and then have a Thom Ruhe from NC IDEA.  So stay tuned for a number of great interview on the horizon for the Charlotte Angel Connection.

For more information on the companies presenting at the Southeast Fintech Venture Conference, please see the list below:

· Honeyfi

· uBack

· Ceterus


· Medxoom

· Trust Stamp

· WalletFi

· Yellow Card Financial

· Accelerator Partner The Venture CenterMonotto & LumoXchange

· Accelerator Partner SixThirtyCheddar & Painless1099

· Accelerator Partner MACH37ThreatSwitch & NormShield

· Catapult

· MyLumper

· Payzer

And the list of fantastic companies in QC Fintech Class 7 is:

· CapWay


· Veriphy Analytics

· Hardbacon

· Speakalytics

· Qoins

· Tookitaki

· Remotize

· Quarule