Charlotte Angel Connection Episode 029: Yamile Nesrala, Managing Director of Charlotte for Venture for America

This is the second part of our podcast with Yami Nesrala, Director of Miami and Charlotte for Venture for America.

In our interview last week, we spoke a lot about the fellows – who they are, how they are selected and more.  This week I wanted to address the benefits the companies and the community get out of Venture for America and then focus on how the community can support VFA in Charlotte.  As such, today’s podcast with Yami covers the following:

What does the company get out of hiring a VFA fellow?

Why can’t companies just do this on their own?

What’s the goal for building the VFA program in Charlotte over the course of the next 2 to 3 years?

What does VFA look for in companies for their fellows?

How many company partners does Charlotte have and how can we increase the number of company partners here in Charlotte?

What makes a company successful as a VFA city?

How can Charlotteans support VFA?

Are there volunteers for the Selection Day?

At several points during our interview, Yami mentioned contacting her directly about volunteering or financially supporting VFA in Charlotte.  Her email address is for those of you who want to be a mentor, advisor, offer meeting space, or support VFA financially.

I’m also excited to announce that Charlotte has been selected to host Venture for America’s Selection Day on December 1, 2017.  As you heard in the first part of this podcast from Yami, Venture for America has been in Charlotte for three years now and we’ve had 20 VFA fellows come through startups here.  Charlotte hosted our first Selection Day in the Spring of 2017 and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to host it again.

This event is a tremendous opportunity to showcase Charlotte to students who may have never been here and could consider coming to Charlotte as a fall 2018 VFA fellow.