Charlotte Angel Connection Episode 026: Betsy Hauser Idilbi, Co-Founder of Tech Talent South

Today, we welcome Betsy Hauser Idilbi, Co-Founder of Tech Talent South to the show.

Betsy is rare success in the startup world. She’s a female founder, successful raised money for her startup, and lives in Charlotte. Listening to the podcast you quickly pick up on why.  She’s smart, energetic, quick on her feet, and persistent.

She’s grown Tech Talent South from 1 city to 11 and recruited some excellent talent to her team.  She’s kept Tech Talent South in growth mode as industry competitors have shut down and stands poised to grow the company for years into the future.

Betsy graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in journalism but knew from an early time she wanted to start something.  Her time at Little Idea – which merged with Louis Foreman’s Enventys – was instrumental as she learned not many people had the technical school of coding.  This lead her off on an adventure that would see her launch Tech Talent South and grow it into the success it is today and will become in the future.

Listen in to today’s podcast to learn more about Besty and her journey including:

How did she find a network of mentors and how important was it for her to have found a female mentor as well (Tana Green of Blue Bloodhound has been a huge help to Betsy)?

Why was Atlanta their first location and why was Asheville their second city?

The reason they expanded to 4 cities in 8 months?

The role hiring the right people has played and how Betsy has tackled hiring so far, including Suzanne Speece and Darryl Jones.

How does Betsy view equity as compensation for startups?

What lessons has Betsy learned that she wishes she could go back and tell her ‘early founder self’?

What was their strategy early on as she watched her competitors develop?

Next week we dive further into our interview with Betsy and explore why now was the right time for her to raise money and more about the success that is Tech Talent South.