Charlotte Angel Connection Episode 025: Part II Kyle Suhan continues our discussion on cryptocurrencies

Today we welcome back Kyle Suhan to talk more about digital currencies. You may remember Kyle has been developing the technology behind a new company called Blockade Technologies (  This new company leverages blockchain technology to make data storage safer than before.  As such, Kyle has a very good grasp on blockchain and he’s local which keeps with our theme of finding companies and experts in Charlotte.

Last week, Kyle did a great job providing a framework for Bitcoin, Blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.  We asked Kyle to stick around for a few more  As you’ll learn throughout this episode and our next Kyle has been toying around in the digital currency space for the last couple of years.

In today’s interview we discuss the following questions and more:

Could bitcoins and blockchain be separated?  In other words, are bitcoins necessary?

What’s different from bitcoin and ethereum?

Knowing Bitcoin transactions can take time to complete, what’s the benefit to businesses in using blockchain?

Can bitcoin and/or ethereum put American Express, Mastercard and VISA out of business?

How did Kyle get involved in blockchain and ethereum?

What makes the underlying currency worth more?

If I don’t have a supercomputer, how do I obtain a Bitcoin or an ethereum?

Does technology stop at Ethereum or will technology pass it as well?

What is bitcoin cash?

And get excited about our next two part podcast starting next week.  We have Betsy Hauser Idilbi, Founder of Tech Talent South (TTS) joining us to talk about the growth of the company, their recent capital raise from a Charlotte area Venture fund, and much more.