Charlotte Angel Connection Episode 024: Crypto Currencies, Blockchain and more with Kyle Suhan, Co-Founder of Blockade Technologies

Today we welcome Kyle Suhan to the show to talk some about digital currencies.  As you’ll learn throughout this episode and our next Kyle has been toying around in the digital currency space for the last couple of years.  Recently, he’s been developing the technology behind a new company called Blockade Technologies (  This new company leverages blockchain technology to make data storage safer than before.

This puts Kyle in a unique space where he has been mining crypto currencies and has developed companies to utilize the underlying technology.  As such, I thought it would be great to get him on the Charlotte Angel Connection for what I expect will be the first of many episodes where we explore digital currencies.

We start out a little deep as Kyle dives straight into the underlying technology but we get through that fairly quickly and onto exploring concepts.

Why should digital currencies replace our traditional paper currencies?

Doesn’t this have the impact to completely displace credit cards in the future?

What do the governments of the world think about bitcoin?

What is an ICO?

Kyle owns a company in this blockchain space – Blockade Technologies.  What does Blockade Technology do and how does it work?

Why are they trying to raise money through an ICO which would be registered with the SEC?

Kyle talks through some of how digital currency can be exchanged and helps us understand “alt coins”.  Who is going to use those versus who is going to use the two more popular coins of ethereum or bitcoins?

And much more.

Hopefully, you will enjoy today’s show and come back for the 2nd episode with Kyle as we dig deeper into cryptocurrencies.