Charlotte Angel Connection Episode 023: Amber Lewis, CEO of The Good Kitchen Part II

Amber Lewis, Founder and CEO of The Good Kitchen (, rejoins us today to continue our conversation from last week.  In this episode, we talk more about her mentors, board of advisors and involvement in Vistage ( to help her grow as an entrepreneur.

We also talk more about the competition – including the two obvious ones of Blue Apron (the first IPO in the food delivery) and Amazon.  What has been the impact and how has it actually helped her?

We spoke more about how Rob Wolf – a very influential person in the Paleo movement – became a spokesperson for the company.  As an FYI, his favorite dish from The Good Kitchen is the Korean Beef Bowl.

We talked about how Amber started out as a food company – delivering paleo friendly foods to Crossfit members – and has grown into a technology company with a heavy focus on logistics.  Along the way, they happen to deliver food!

We also explored her knowledge and involvement in the Charlotte startup scene.  While she has had her head down developing The Good Kitchen in the past, she’s excited to get more involved.  Look for her in the coming months at startup events in Charlotte!

We wrap up talking about if she could go back and do things from day 1, what would she do differently.

It’s a great interview – lots of insights from someone who has been growing a startup for the last 6 years.  I hope you enjoy listening to this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it.  As an aside, I should have done this before but I have now become a customer.  My first order has been placed and should be here in the next couple of days.  I’m pretty excited about the meals!!!

I’m also excited about next week.  We have a great interview on Bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto currencies with Kyle Suhan.  Kyle has been mining ethereum for the last two years and is in the process of starting his own company built on blockchain technology.

His company, Blockade Technologies (, provides decentralized data storage and certainly seems set up to make a splash in the next couple of months when they do their own initial coin offering (ICO).

Don’t know what that means?  Tune in next week to find out.