Charlotte Angel Connection Episode 022: Amber Lewis, Founder and CEO of The Good Kitchen

This week we are very fortunate to have Amber Lewis, Founder and CEO of The Good Kitchen ( join us.  Amber started The Good Kitchen, formerly known as ModPaleo, from her own kitchen after watching Crossfit ( members struggle to stick to a Paleo diet after a 30-day Paleo challenge she helped run at her local Crossfit gym.

With no experience in a commercial kitchen or running a startup, Amber has guided The Good Kitchen over the last 6 years to a fast growing fully prepared meal delivery service no longer serving just the Crossfit community.  They now deliver to your door and have incorporated kids meals and bulk meals.

This is the first of two podcasts with Amber and we cover the early stages of her business including:

How or when she knew she was an entrepreneur?

What were the early days of the business like?

How did she know when to make pivots in her business strategy and how did she execute them?

How did she form the supply chain to supply the food?

How long was did she boot strap the business before seeking outside capital?

And much, much more.

After listening to today’s episode, you’ll want to register for meals from The Good Kitchen because you can’t help but pull for Amber and her team (hint register here – and because you’ll realize the convenience they offer with a great tasting line up of food.