Charlotte Angel Connection Episode 021: Matt Potere CEO of Sunlight Financial Part II

Matt Potere, CEO of Sunlight Financial (, continues with our discussion from last week.  For this episode, though, I wanted to explore some of the Charlotte startup scene with Matt.

We talk about the following today:

What’s the growth path for Sunlight Financial – does the market get saturated soon or do they have a long run?

Is lending an area of strength for startups here in Charlotte?

Why it’s important to celebrate startup failures as much as successes.

Matt talks about Payzer ( and Health Credit Services (

Can Charlotte overcome its name as a banking town and become a startup location?

The impact HQ Charlotte, Dan Roselli and QC Fintech ( have had on the scene here.

What’s the company culture like at Sunlight Financial?

Is there a founders network forming yet?

And much more.

We’ve also got some great podcasts coming up as we talk with Amber Lewis from The Good Kitchen ( and explore cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and ethereum.