Charlotte Angel Connection Episode 020: Matt Potere, CEO of Sunlight Financial (Part I)

In today’s podcast, we get an opportunity to speak with Matt Potere, CEO of Sunlight Financial.  Sunlight is successful startup here in Charlotte – having raised more then $900 million – yet you don’t hear too much about it.  Their business model is to help consumers afford solar panels by “providing simple, affordable solar loans.”

It’s a simple business model – lending money – which has helped build Charlotte into what it is today.  And they are growing rapidly both here and in New York.

In this first of a two part series with Matt, we explore his background and what brought him to Charlotte and to becoming the CEO of Sunlight Financial.

We discuss why Sunlight Financial has it’s CEO and home office here in Charlotte – despite NC not being extraordinarily friendly for consumer solar panels and most capital being outside of the city.

We talk about the environment for solar panels in a world where the US has recently backed out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

What’s the business model?

Why they aren’t talked about more as a Charlotte startup success?

It’s a great interview and I hope you will turn back in next week to listen to us talk about the startup culture in Charlotte and why lending is still a strong business model in the Queen City.