Charlotte Angel Connection: Episode 019 Walt Frye

Today, we are extremely fortunate to have Walter Frye join us. As you’ll hear in our conversation, I’ve known Walt since early 2016 and have really enjoyed getting to know him – and I think you will too.  He’s been a great advocate for all things startup and angel investing in Charlotte and has brought a high level of energy and passion to the scene.

I wanted to talk with Walt as he’s the kind of ‘roll up your sleeves’ guy you always want to be around.  If he sees a problem or an opportunity, he’s right there to take action.  As such, he’s gotten very involved with the Charlotte Regional Fund for Entrepreneurship.  You will learn this today, but anything Walt gets involved with he does with 100% effort.  So as the Charlotte entrepreneurship efforts grow, we are extremely fortunate to have Walt help leading those efforts.

Walt brings a wealth of experience to the Charlotte Regional Fund for Entrepreneurship.  In our discussion today, we discuss and hear from Walt on a ton of different items in the startup/angel community including:

  1. Why should people consider getting involved?
  2. What organizations are in Charlotte to support startups (QC Fintech, City Startup Labs, QC Forward, CLT Joules, Ventureprise and more).
  3. What’s the benefit to having a thriving startup culture in Charlotte
  4. What is Charlotte Regional Fund for Entrepreneurship doing going forward?
    1. Promoting Charlotte Entrepreneurship
    2. Focus on Talent
    3. Strengthen the ecosystem and interconnectivity of the ecosystem
    4. Capital
  5. Can startups impact and improve the upward mobility issue in Charlotte?
  6. And much more.

I hope you enjoy today’s episode and be sure to tune into next week’s episode of the Charlotte Angel Connection with Matt Potere of Sunlight Financial – a great startup secret right here in Charlotte.