Charlotte Angel Connection Episode 018: Part II with Justin Witz of Catapult, Jason Aspiotis of Finsophy & John Zettler of Commandiv

In today’s session, we continue our interview with three very impressive companies and founders: Catapult (with Justin Witz), Finsophy (Jason Aspiotis) and Commandiv (John Zettler).

As a quick reminder from our last episode, we mainly discussed what it’s light to be part of an incubator, what they gave up to move here and what an incubator program offers young founders.

Catapult is streamlining the RFP (request for proposals) process using a blockchain environment which secures the documents sharing process.

Finsophy is a platform for transparence and mission oriented banking products. It allows consumers to direct their deposits into the missions they care about rather than being invested/lent to undesirable causes and companies.

Commandiv is a stock trading platform with automated investment advice built in.  It’s a turnkey asset management product allowing consumers to use hedge-fund level strategies in their own portfolios – a more personalized robo investment platform.

Today, we explore the following topics with Justin, Jason, and John:

Are they raising money?

What is their target market?

How do they monetize the business model?

What are the founders currently working on in their products?

Unfortunately this interview was cut a few questions short.  As you’ve probably learned over the last few episodes these founders are extraordinarily busy building their platforms, meeting with advisors and potential investors, and an unbelievable amount of other tasks on a daily basis.  So while I wanted to explore more about their underlying businesses, we were not able to do so.  I hope to stay in touch with Jason, Justin and John over the next 6 to 9 months and give you an update on their businesses.  There are all working on great companies.

Our next podcasts will be an interview I did earlier this year with Walt Frye.  Walt is a fantastic advocate for the startup and angel community in Charlotte.  At the time of this interview, Walt had recently stepped into a new role with the Charlotte Regional Foundation for Entrepreneurship (CRFE). It’s a great interview where Walt walks us through a host of different issues.  It’s going to be a little longer of a podcast as it wasn’t quite long enough to break into two podcasts.  The reason for the delay in releasing this was some technical, sound issues I had in the recording that I hope to have alleviated.