Charlotte Angel Connection Episode 017: Justin Witz of Catapult, Jason Aspiotis of Finsophy & John Zettler of Commandiv

In today’s session, we interviewed three very impressive companies and founders: Catapult (with Justin Witz), Finsophy (Jason Aspiotis) and Commandiv (John Zettler).

Catapult is streamlining the RFP (request for proposals) process using a blockchain environment which secures the documents sharing process.

Finsophy is a platform for transparence and mission oriented banking products. It allows consumers to direct their deposits into the missions they care about rather than being invested/lent to undesirable causes and companies.

Commandiv is a stock trading platform with automated investment advice built in.  It’s a turnkey asset management product allowing consumers to use hedge-fund level strategies in their own portfolios – a more personalized robo investment platform.

Our topics range but mainly focus on what it’s like being in an incubator program.

What brought them to the HQ Charlotte Incubator program?

What’s it like to be part of an incubator program?

What do they need or expect from HQ Charlotte?

Does competition exist within the program?

What did the founders leave behind in order to come here and start their companies?

What are they getting from program?

Next week, we will explore the each company and their product or service.  It’s a great part two of the interview where you will continue to learn more and gain confidence in the founders of these companies.  Remember, none of these three are serial entrepreneurs so they are learning all of this on the fly and from QC Fintech, their advisors, mentors and each other.  They are building an entrepreneurial network and that is really hard and really fun.

Come support these founders at QC Fintech Demo Day on June 21.  We’ve heard from two founders that they are absolutely considering moving to Charlotte – show them the Southern hospitality by registering for QC Fintech’s Demo day at or by registering directly on Eventbrite here.

Thank you for tuning into the Charlotte Angel Connection.  We look forward to having you back again next week!