Charlotte Angel Connection Episode 016: Curu Co-Founders David Potter and Abb Kapoor

As you may remember, we are continuing our interview with Curu Co-Founders David Potter and Abb Kapoor today.  Last week, we learned about their decision to leave the University of Maryland at College Park to come to Charlotte for QC Fintech and pursue their startup. We learned they have clear vision to focus on the task at hand and we also learned the mentorship program at QC Fintech has been tremendous for these young founders.

This week we turned our attention to Curu (  What does it do and how does it work?  How are they going to make money?  What focus does each co-founder currently have? And why Midwood Smokehouse ( may single handedly keeping this co-founder tandem in Charlotte.

We will also learn the eventual target market will be millennials and older consumers but their first target market is really more specific to the 18-25 year old demographic.  This initial target market struggles establishing and understanding credit.  Fortunately, these users don’t have as much credit history so Curu can be more beneficial and have a more profound impact.

I remain impressed with David and Abb.  They are smart, hard-working and focused.

Dan Roselli and his team at QC Fintech are doing amazing work for the future of Charlotte.  Come on down to see them at their Demo Day on Wednesday June 21.  For information on how to register, please visit  I’ve been the last two years and it is a great experience and a fantastic way to show support for this amazing group of entrepreneurs.

Next week, we will continue our series of interviewing entrepreneurs as we talk with more QC Fintech founders.  Once again, we will have a two part series interviewing Co-Founders from three different companies: Justin Witz from Catapult (, John Zettler from Commandiv (, and Jason Aspiotis from Finsophy (  It’s a great discussion among the three of them.