Charlotte Angel Connection Episode 015: Curu Co-Founders David Potter and Abb Kapoor

In today’s session, we interviewed two very impressive founder of Curu ( who are entrepreneurs in this years’ QC Fintech class ( Abb Kapoor and David Potter are young entrepreneurs who left the University of Maryland at College Park earlier this year to focus on their startup and join the impressive Class 6 of QC Fintech. And focus is a word you will hear them mention numerous times in our two part interview with these two impressive young men.

Once again, we made a trip uptown to interview David and Abb at QC Fintech’s headquarters – HQ Charlotte.  As our discussion lingered on, we broke podcast into two separate 25 minute sessions. The first session focuses on David and Abb as entrepreneurs and on the QC Fintech Accelerator program. The second session will look more into their Company – Curu Credit – and the problem they are solving.

In today’s episode, we learn the following:

  • Where were they 1 year ago?
  • What’s the like telling your parents you are dropping out of college with 2 years left and leaving behind a well-recognized scholarship to launch your own startup?
  • How do you select QC Fintech as your accelerator amongst all the others out there?
  • What’s been the most surprising aspect of the program so far? Hint – we are city of nice people.
  • How do they balance advice from mentors when the recommendations are opposite or different?
  • How does the fact that we are a banking town impact the attractiveness of Charlotte as a Fintech town?
  • How QC Fintech has benefitted them both as growing their ‘founder capacity’ and ‘building the product.’
  • And more.

Hopefully you walked away as impressed with Dave and Abb as I was.  In next week’s episode, we learn more about Curu and how they are tackling their market.  Also learn whether or not David and Abb plan on making Charlotte home and other areas where they are currently focusing.