Charlotte Angel Connection: Episode 011 with Aaron Galloway, Founder of InfiniGift

Today’s episode of the Charlotte Angel Connection features young entrepreneur, Aaron Galloway. To give you an idea of the type of go get ‘em mentality Aaron has he is the only entrepreneur to date who sought me out and asked to be on the podcast. He’s got a fire to create a successful business and is smart enough to do it. Keep your eyes on him as he develops InfiniGift over the coming quarters.

In this episode, we learn Aaron has been writing business plans since the age of 8 – his first business plan was for a jean company. He was always waiting for the perfect business plan but while having beignets with his dad at Cajun Queen he was encouraged just to take the leap. One thing led to another and InfiniGift emerged as the winner of Charlotte’s City Startup Labs in the fall of 2016. He’s working through the development of the website and other necessary steps to launch the business soon.

Listening to Aaron you quickly hear his confidence and wisdom that he has created by preparing to launch a startup for 20 years. It’s a great honor to introduce you to Aaron today.

What is InfiniGift ( Infinigift is a tool that allows you to turn your life events into the building blocks of a financial future and a financial legacy for future generations. It is a web-based platform turning gift registries from life events into the building blocks of a financial legacy. In essence, it allows people to register for gifts of stock in companies in addition to the physical gifts at major milestones (weddings, births, etc.).

What has Aaron learned about writing business plans? “Sometimes you just have to jump.”

What made Aaron ‘jump’? His first business was an organic athletic recovery product. It failed and that helped him get more ready for launching InfiniGift.

City Startup Labs ( run by Henry Rock and Greg Brown with Charlotte Angel Fund ( have been tremendous resources for Aaron. With Dan Roselli and HQ Charlotte ( and others, Aaron doesn’t feel there is a shortage of support for entrepreneurs in Charlotte.

My favorite quote from Aaron about juggling the roles of entrepreneur, husband, employee, etc. “You make time for what you want to make time for.”

Listen to Aaron and you’ll be as impressed as I am. Any recommendations or questions for Aaron can be directed to him (