Charlotte Angel Connection: Episode 009 with Mark McDowell (Entrepreneur and Investor)

Episode 009 with Mark McDowell touched on a broad range of important topics. Mark’s experience as a telecom entrepreneur in the late 90s set him up to become an angel investor over the last nearly two decades. Now residing in the Lake Norman area with his wife and family, he has great insight into the startup and investing community.
Our interview with Mark touched on the following items:

1) Whether or not it is necessary to have been an entrepreneur in order to be a good angel investor.

2) What does it take to be an early stage investor – hint, it depends on you.

3) Why Charlotte doesn’t have more of an established angel community given the high net worth pool around the area.

4) The fear of failure – and talking about our failures in the Charlotte investment community.

5) We also explored briefly the trend in the tech world – alternative intelligence – and the impact it can have globally.

6) The new community of entrepreneurs and investors in the Lake Norman area developing under the leadership of Mark, Jon and Chris Boggiano, and Erica Madden –

7) I was surprised to learn Mark isn’t a fan of daily news tied to twitter or Techcrunch – rather most of his reading is tied to classic books (his book at the time of this interview was, The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius) and the Wall Street Journal.

There’s a lot to this podcast where we could have dived much deeper. I hope Mark will be a frequent visitor on the podcast.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.