CAC Episode 005: Dain Dulaney, Attorney to Startups and Investors

Dain tells the story of how the startup world has evolved in Charlotte over the last 2 decades. Given he rode a success story up and back down from the late 1990s to early 2000s, Dain has seen or been part of most of the startup successes in Charlotte. As such, he has great perspective on the resources available to Charlotte startups and has good insight into what it takes. This episode will bring you closer to Charlotte’s startup ecosytem.

Dain Dulaney is a shareholder with the law firm of Bishop, Dulaney, Joyner & Abner. His practice is centered around working withe entrepreneurs, business owners and investors in and around the Charlotte market. Dain was born in Charlotte (and tells a great quick story about well known Charlotte landmark), went away to Washington and Lee University for his undergraduate degree and Wake Forest for his JD.

Listen in to learn more.