CAC Episode 003: Jon Boggiano Co-Founder of Versame

Jon Boggiano, Co-Founder of Versame, discusses all things startup in Charlotte and makes a great case for why people should move to Charlotte for their next startup.

After starting and selling Everblue – an education platform providing green jobs training for construction and building professionals – Jon and his brother, Chris, went back to school to get their MBA Stanford University. Already armed with entrepreneurial spirits, they moved back to Charlotte with better equipped to launch their next startup – Versame ( Versame launched The Starling – a smart little device that tracks the number of words your child hears and says each day.

They also moved back with a sense of what it takes to have a true entrepreneurial system in a community and have been working hard to build such a system in the Lake Norman area, just outside of Charlotte.

Listen in to learn more.